Which Dogs?
We provide a full top-to-tail service, no matter how large or small the dog is. Our staff are experienced in handling nervous dogs or those with behavioural problems – at no extra charge. We welcome all breeds and all natures!

Our Service
All dogs are bathed, groomed and styled to the highest standard by our highly experienced staff. Our salon is a friendly and calm environment where the dog and owner are made to feel welcome by the staff.

There will be a consultation given before work is begun where the groomer will discuss with the owner and decide which style is best for the dog, (e.g. breed standard or domestic trim). We take into consideration the dog’s lifestyle, skin conditions, health issues and the condition of the coat as these can determine the way in which a dog is to be styled. This is where the staff’s combined experience of 55 years really counts. The salon also offers your dog the pleasure of a beautiful bath. This is extremely popular with short coated breeds. At all times your dog is spoken to and given attention. Time is always taken to become familiar with your dog in order to develop trust. This is very important for both the groomer and the dog.

Our prices are highly competitive. 

Only top quality shampoos and conditioners are used, in particular, products from Biogroom®. We have a full range of products which cater for sensitive skins and puppy coats, as well as moisturising and colour enhancing shampoos. The dogs are always finished off with a luxury conditioning spray.